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From: mike tompkins
Subject: Farmer Ad 8The truck StopWe had rested for an hour or so, Kevin (k9) said let
get cleaned up and get something to eat, after that
kind of work lolita lilegal pics free out in need to eat said K9. So Kevin (K9)
and I got up and went into the bathroom and took a
shower, Kevin was careful with the marks on my body
and I washed Kevin's hole and back, got out and got
dressed, I was wearing some cut off jeans and a tight
black t-shirt and Kevin pulled out a camouflaged
shorts and they were very form fitting to his nice
body and a camouflaged t-shirt to match. Kevin (k9)
stated theirs a great place we could go food, it's at
the USA Auto Truck Plaza just out side of town, we can
get a bite and possible some action. Kevin and I got
into his white van and drove down interstate highway
10; it was only about twenty minutes away. We parked
by some u-haulers in the parking lot, got out and walk
in the restaurant and it was not really busy at 1 am.
There were four hot looking trucker sitting at the
counter eating their meal. There was this hot one was
in his late thirty, he caught my eye. He had a slight
gut and very little illegal lolitas the rest were in there late twenties .they all
stopped eating and watch us till we sat down at the
back of the restaurant; I could feel them check us
out. They didn't start to eat till we had sat down and
started to check them over one by one; a three of them
smiled and then started to eat again.
The waiter came over and asked what we would like, I
grinned to Kevin and we both started to laugh and
looked over the menu and told the waiter's that we
just wanted coffee and a piece of apple pie with whip
cream on it, he just looked at and smiled as he took
our order for coffee and a piece of apple pie, I could
tell someone was watching our ever move. The waiter
brought us our pie and coffee and as I was slowly
cutting my pie, I happen to looked up and around the
room and noticed this guy was eyeing me. He was cute,
a burly bear of a guy who had sandy blonde hair large
forearms all hairy blue eyes a stash and goatee, he
looked to be around my age and my height and wearing a
white t-shit tight that you could see his nipples and
the left right one had a ring on it and jeans with a
bulge in his pants. He got up from his table and head
in the direction of the bathroom the trucker stopped
at our table and adjusting his basket then he and
grind, looked into my eyes. We watch each other the
whole way to the hall to the restroom. So I told Kevin
(K9) that I had to use the restroom and be right back.
I excused myself from the table Kevin (K9) looked at
me and winked and said have fun and smiled. K9 said I
check out the others while your gone, with that Kevin
was checking out the other hot truckers,
I opened the door but the bathroom I walked in and the
burly bear trucker with sandy blonde hair ,blue eyes a
stash and goatee, wearing a white t-shit was standing
at the was standing at the urinal with his cock in
hand pissing up a storm, so walk up the urinal next to
him. I could hear his piss so, I unzipped my short and
pulled out my cock to take a leek and the trucker
looked very little illegal lolitas
over to at my dick and said nice, I looked at
him then his dick and said not bad nice I said then he
looked me dead in the eyes. He had finished piss in
and was not in any hurry to put it back in I could see
his cock getting bigger by the moment by that time I
was done and asked me if I was interested, hell yes.
My cock started to grow, he knew of my desired to be
with this guy.
The trucker told his name was Patrick but you can
call me Pat, every one call me Pat, cool thanks I'm
Dick, yes that's my name, we both laughed.
Pat reaches over right hand and took my cock. Pat
started to moan and his breath started to breath
faster and was stroke my cock with his big strong
hands and said want to have some fun, hell yes I said,
good let go back to my truck, I could tell it was
going to be one hell of and hot night, Pat said u can
bring your friend too if you want the more the
merrier. About that time a young boy can in and we
stuffed your cock back in and walked out. Pat told to
meet him at the front door in fifteen minutes so he
could move his rig so we won't be disturbed, and don't
forget to bring your friend. I walked out first and
went back to my table and told Kevin what happen in
the restroom, Kevin just smiled and said, I know It
happen all the time here, I come here ever week to get
some action, these guys are so horny they fuck
anywhere any time. We quickly finished our pie and
coffee and paid our bill and went to the restroom to
take a quick piss and we met Pat waiting for us at the
front door with a preteen loli top models
big grin.
I introduced Kevin to Pat, Pat said lolitas nude pre teens are nonude cute lolita model
you ready,
follow me, Pat lead the way. Kevin and I followed;
Kevin kept a good eye on pat tight ass in his jeans as
we walked to the semi trailer tractor it was farthest
from the others. Pat was the first to reach the semi.
Pat climbed in and Kevin and then myself. Pat went to
the passenger seat and told Kevin to go in the back
and I sat in the driver seat. Pat told us to get
comfortable and with that Pat started to undo his
shirt and belt. As I took off my shirt Pat asked what
happen too your chest and back, I told him had some
fun yesterday and got whipped, ouch said Pat, I like
to get tied up and whipped once in a blue moon, and as
I removed my shorts and let my balls and cock get
free. Pat cant wait to get chow down on those .Pat
came over and dropped to his knees and started to suck
on my balls and I grabbed the back of his head and
shoved my cock into too his hungry mouth. I played
with pat's left nipple ring and it seemed to make Pat
hornier by the minute.
We were getting it on when Kevin said what about me
dudes, with that pat climbed to the back of the
sleeper. In the sleeper was a full size bed with
mirrors along one wall and a television VCR stuck up
in the corner of the sleeper, pat turned the TV on and
there was a hot gay fuck video going on. Pat told
Kevin to get next to the wall with were the mirror
was, Pat climbed in and got in a sixty-nine with Kevin
and Pat started to suck each other off . Kevin went
for Pat's six in svens freedom lolita bbs cock right away and pat wasted no
time. I started to play with pat hot ass and spread
the ass cheeks wide so I could get a look at his hole.
I stuck two fingers up Pat hot hole and with very
little pressure it went right in, I knew then pat was
used to being fucked. So I found some lube on the
floor and greased up his hole, all I could hear from
pat and Kevin was moaning from their lust for each
others dicks. Kevin told pat to fuck his ass really
wanted his ass to be fucked hard and to abuse his ass.
Then pat turn around and put Kevin up his stomach and
dragged his ass to the edge of the mattress and lubed
his cock up. This was my chance to get at his hot
trucker, the way he moaned and eased my I started
stroking him in and out with two fingers pat moaned,
He started telling me to keep it up as he started to
stick his six inch dick into Kevin hole Kevin moaned
and moaned as pat entered hole.
Pat didn't hold anything back. while pat was fucking
Kevin I was working on pat's hole, after I got three
finger in with no problem , I greased up my six inch
cock and rammed it into too pat's ass. Pat yelped at
first but didn't lose a stroke fucking Kevin's hot
ass. I was now fucking pat's ass and pat was fucking
Kevin ass and we never dropped a stroke. Kevin told
pat that he wasn't in a very big hurry for this to
stop and dirty girl little loli to keep it up as much as possible After about
five to ten minutes we had held Back as long as
possible. Pat quickly rammed his cock into Kevin hot
hole and pat felt his Hot cum spreading inside Kevin
and then running out of asshole. Pat pulled His cock
out before it became completely soft as Kevin clamped
his ass shut to keep most of the love juices in. at
the same time pat shot his load in Kevin's ass at the
same time. the three of us Curled up together for a
few minutes when I felt the urge to take a piss, told
the others in need to take a piss , that's a good
idea, pat then suggested we go and clean up a bit,
both Kevin and I said at the same time sure.
We reached over and grabbed my shorts, pants and
shirts and pulled them, as we got down from the truck,
we can all go headed to the shower and toilet area of
the Truck stop thinking I would clean my ass out some
after I took a piss. We walked back to the building.
Pat went to get us a shower room so Kevin and I
stepped inside the restroom area and was a little
surprised, it was three in the morning didn't expect
to see Six hot truckers of various ages but their
present condition Was obvious, they were all in a
state of heat as they were playing with
Each others cocks, balls, chest and asses, I looked at
them and said I
Was sorry for interrupting them and turned to leave.
One of the men told
Kevin and I to come on in; they would let us through. They opened a little lolita public upskirt image path as real lolita naked pics We I moved through them
to the urinal. I pushed the front of my shorts down
and Kevin did the same and started relieving our
bladder. One of the truckers moved right behind me
and started rubbing my ass through my shorts, I had a
Steady stream of piss going so couldn't actually do
anything until I was through. As soon as I shook the
last drops of pee off of my now semi hard Cock, a big
blonde trucker behind me reached around and grabbed my
cock. He started Moving his hand back and forth as my
cock sprang to full attention. He pushed my sorts down
to the floor and I could feel his hard cock inside his
pants. He picked me up and spun me around as he told
the other men to take a look. There I was with my
long lean body pulled against his hairy sweaty, Chest
and gut with my cock standing at attention. He placed
me back down, on the floor as he pushed on my back and
forced me to lean forward. I heard his pants fall to
the floor as he pushed his dick against the crack of
my ass. Another guy did the same thing to Kevin, but
this guy had his cock out and was rubbing up and down
the crack of Kevin's ass. The trucker giving Kevin ass
a work out not in a very big burly but did have seven
inch cock up his ass in a hurry. The smile on Kevin's
face told me they were enjoyed this by The way they
both moaning going on and the other trucker were
stroking there dick watching us get fucked on the
The skinny trucker who fucking Kevin was pushed seven
in cock slid right in, due to Kevin's asshole was well
lubricated from Pat's cum. He grabbed is hips and
Started fucking him really hard as another trucker
stepped up and pushed his cock. Into Kevin's mouth,
the trucker who was working me over it was obvious
that these truckers were hard working men who wanted
to get a load or two off. The hands I saw were filthy
looking, From all the grease and grit beneath there
fingernails and some of them still Had their sweat
stained t-shirts on and from the smell of some of
them, They had not seen a shower or bath for days.
The cock forced in my mouth was of average size about
six inches and it didn't take him long before his cum
was traveling down my throat
The two men wasted no time and didn't care if I was
enjoying our selves or Not. I figured one of them
would help me out by playing our my cocks but we
Were not that lucky, the cocks seem to be playing tag
as one would shoot
Its load another would take its place. Several times
I almost gagged from the taste of the filth that had
collected inside there foreskin. I swallowed and
licked the cocks clean as fast as I could to get past
that taste. One of the cocks that were pushed in my
mouth was almost too thick To gain entrance it had my
mouth spread as wide as possible before Causing real
damage to me, the man started pumping into my mouth
and all I Could do was relax until he was through.
When he lost his load I almost Choked but managed to
gulp a couple of times and swallow all of v rg ns lolita his cum.
Several of the men took a second turn at my asshole
before they all seemed
To drift out of the restroom, bbs lolita top 50 we located my shorts
pants and headed out to look for pat and found him
giving the waiter we had wait on us earlier a blowjob
right behind the some displays. Pat saw us and smiled
at us. And asked if we wanted to get clean up and we
told him no, we better get going we got some places We
located my shorts pants and headed to go and people to
meet and thanked him for the fun time and to give us a
call the next time he's this way, with that Kevin gave
pat his number and just smiled. And we headed back to
the Kevin's white van one of the trucker who we had
met in the restroom came up to us and said my name is
Bart and gave us his cell phone number and Kevin gave
his number, with thatMore to cum
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